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"James Sudakow is a unique and electrifying artist. His material is so affecting it's spellbinding...This artist has the potential to blow away just about any audience in the world."
Bernard Baur

"James Sudakow is a world class player and premier composer...with a striking ability to blend jazz, rock and funk creating a soulful voice on the violin"
GARY ALLEN (Charlie Daniels band, TennesseeConcerts.com)

"James Sudakow wields an electric violin like Jimi Hendrix did with his guitar."

"James' work with the electric violin is groundbreaking... in terms of effectively using an instrument not typically associated with rock music. James' violin work is amazing."

"James Sudakow is the ultimate post-modern muso - he plays electric violin like an axe, through a Marshall stack! He combines virtuoso violin with prog rock sensibilities and the result is an explosion of sound that will satisfy fans of fusion, prog-metal and just about every other progressive genre."

In January 2007, James completed his first solo all instrumental CD – GREEN - in which he created a unique sound – heavy and ambient – combining post progressive melodies, modern alternative rock, electronica, and the uniqueness of the electric violin.

In January 2009, James released his second all instrumental CD - THERE IS NO SOUND IN SPACE – collaboratively with UNDER RADIO guitarist, Eric Zimmermann. This release continues to feature the electric violin in many styles and textures in tandem with electric guitar work and incorporates a heavy dose of industrial electronica.

Nominated for an L.A. Music Award and named as one of Music Connection's "Hot 100 Top Independent Artists" in 2009

James has been featured in Progression Magazine, Music Connection, Relix, Jazz Magazine (Italy), and Strings/Teen Strings Magazine. His music has received critical acclaim from numerous progressive rock and mainstream music magazines, websites, and e-zines nationally and globally and has been featured on compilation CDs produced by Relix, The Progressive Rock Hall of Fame, Jazz Magazine (Europe), and MuseGroup (Europe). James' music has also been used in MTV programs, music equipment product marketing videos, and electronic devices - including Qualcomm products - and has received radio play on a significant number of CMJ, progressive rock, internet, public eclectic rock, and electronica radio programs. In addition, engaging high energy live shows with his trio in clubs and at music festivals have earned him high praise.

Click on the icon below to listen to songs from James' new release, "There is no sound in space", or James' debut CD, "Green."


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